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383.14 // High Council Internal Statement: Recent Events

Padawans, Knights and Masters of the Jedi Order.

I trust that you are all aware of the situation in which the Order finds itself in.

We have received news that the Holonews has received leaked GRID documents and tomorrow will run a story officially confirming a link between the 4 missing children stating

  1. That they were all indeed force sensitive.
  2. They were due for collection by the Order.

We anticipate reaction to this from the Galaxy to one of upset and anger. I ask that those Jedi on assignment to take extra precaution when facing potentially emotive situations with civilians in the Galaxy. If asked about the the children, please refer them to the forth coming official statement of the Order.

It is also with grave news, that I must inform you that there have been several other children taken. However their parents have decided to entrust the Order with the investigation and have therefor not gone public.

In order to facilitate and centralise the operation into finding the children, we have decided to appoint Rannon Praxeum as the lead branch investigating into this matter. Any information should be reported to the their Knight body. The rest of the Orders facilities and enclaves will continue to assist to the best of their abilities.

A public statement will be forth coming from Order in the coming days.

I would ask that your final thoughts on this message turn to the children who are currently lost to us and the critical mission ahead of us to bring them home safely.

– Koyso Chewai’in, Calus
– Resuli Concaf, Calus
– Pinoru Daciac, Belsavis
– Celsili Tooanna, Rodia
– Amidala Staifme, Naboo
– Esta Bowing, Ord Mantell
– Cohah Gring, Roytha

May the force be with you
Grand Master Don’roq & The High Council