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382.07 // Wanve’dirisoar

After a short trial on Corcuscant Wanve’dirisoar was found guilty of over 11 different charges, including murder, ownership of an illegal firearms and seizure of a freighter-class vessel.

Linked to over thirty crimes with her thought to be deceased partner Rydd, Wanve was caught and detained as a result of a Jedi operation to recover a missing delivery ship. Her long time partner, Rydd, is understood to of blown himself up as part of the raid and despite being unable to formally identified him from what little remained, GRID, the Jedi Order and Rannon Security Forces are all confident in their identification.

Wanve’dirisoar was sentenced to life imprisonment at Ubplish Prison (Category B), a remote facility whose location is undisclosed somewhere in the Core.