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382.08 // Breaking News: Explosion in Ravelin, Bastion.

Urgent incoming reports are stating that at least five members of the public are dead following a large explosion in the capital of Bastion, Ravelin, causing panic and disorder amidst the streets of the city. The blast occurred at 0800GST local time and has left a green haze over the Moff Assembly hall.

A small group of local terrorists claimed responsibility shortly after the denotation, whose believed target was a small diplomatic meeting being held at the Moff Assembly hall. A counter-effort was undertaken by a pair of Imperial Knights. Though it was rumored that two of the radicals managed to slip through their grasp.

Law enforcement on Bastion are still searching for the members of this terrorist faction. There is no word at this time on the possible identity of the perpetrators. Information released by the news cables from Bastion, however, indicate that the terrorists used a chemical bomb made up of unknown compounds.

The status of the Moff council is said to be unknown, although local aides report that they were able to escape the fiery impact of the blast and the green fog it left behind with the assistance of the Imperial Knights in the area.

The area is still under quarantine.