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383.07 // Sparks fly in missing children case on Calus

Two children have been taken from under the nose of Jedi Order and Calus Planet Security in the cities of Fonfornon and Konkornon on the ion-storm plagued Calus.

It is currently unknown as to why the child where targeted, however the parents have been left furious at the handling of the investigation.

Mr Concaf, father to one of the missing boys said last night

“I knew we should of gone to the media sooner. An off-worlder took my boy and an off-worlder led the investigation into finding him. The residents of this city would of found my boy. I have no doubt about that”

When pushed as to why he didn’t go the media sooner, Mr Concaf responded “I was promised by the Jedi Order that they would get my son back. I listened. I was lied to.”

Lead Agent Quof from the CSF released the following statement

“The CSF will continue to do everything it can to locate the children, we will be using the full support of the Jedi Order and GRID.

It is with deep regret, that at this time, I would formally like to announce the death of Trivok Irk a decorated member of our tactical team who was killed following a tactical mission in which the key orchestrator was taken into custody.

His death can be attributed to a break in protocol, one I take full responsibility for, as such I will be tending my resignation effective immediately.”

It is not currently known where the abductor is being held.