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381.28 // Breaking News: Groundquake hits Kenzie

We bring you breaking and tragic news. Today at exactly 16:13 GST, the Kenzie Settlement and the radius surrounding the settlement were hit by an unexpected groundquake reading at a magnitude of 5.4. The structure of the settlement appears to be in-tact though some buildings were damaged. Nearby settlements have dispatched aid to the Kenzie settlement to assist in the efforts and to aid the wounded. It is reported that up to 24 people were wounded, and 2 deaths thus far. This number is yet to be confirmed, and could raise as parties search nearby areas outside the settlement.

Rescue efforts are being carried out by the RSF and have pulled every reserve they have on duty to aid. This is a devastating disaster, and one of the largest groundquakes to ever hit Rannon in over a century. Further news is to follow upon the full unravelling of this tragic disaster.