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379.19 // Breaking news: Kenzie Central Bank robbery

Yesterday the Central Bank of Kenzie was assaulted by an organized group of well-armed bandits. There have been nine casualties, seventeen light injuries and countless citizens under shock!

The bandits stormed in town with a small ship, landing just in front of the bank, shooting down the guards and opening their way inside the bank. The RSF swiftly took action against these outlaws, and a firefight quickly erupted in the middle of the town. It was then that a mysterious masked fighter appeared out of nowhere and started fighting the bandits. Despite the effort of the RSF, the bandits managed to escape with the loot, causing serious havoc in the bank district. We interviewed the RSF officer who led the attack:

“They were organized and well-armed, like a small army. We’re lucky there were so few victims, but if criminality is reaching such levels, I believe counter measures need to be adopted by our politics.”

He was also questioned about the mysterious fighter who helped them, but refused to turn in for interrogation, disappearing after the outlaws escaped:

“Despite what people might think, the last thing we need are people who take justice into their own hands. This “Vigilante”, or whatever you may call it, was aware that the bank assault was about to take place, and chose -not- warn us in advance. The RSF will likely set up a warrant for this masked ‘hero’. I invite him to turn himself in and give up this madness, before more people get hurt!”

Witnesses claim the masked vigilante was holding a lightsaber, a typical Jedi weapon, despite denying to be a Jedi and stating to be working on his own, when asked by the RSF during their brief collaboration. The RSF claim that the smoking embers produced by the explosion that disrupted the posterior wall of the bank and the smoky fog that followed are to be addressed as the cause for this mysterious masked fighter’s escape.

Is this vigilante a blessing or a curse? What are its goals? Who hides behind that mask? While the people’s opinion is divided, everyone already address this vigilante as “Embers”.