JEDI HoloNet

374.06 // War on Kiffu!

The planet Kiffu, home of the Kiffar people, is in a state of civil war! Chief Vara Zow’kem, leader of the Zow’kem clan, declared herself ruler of the system, and wars clans that reject her claim.

Zow’kem does not have the support of Kiffar’s elder clans such as the Vos and Tai’qua. Divulged in a press conference with Republic intelligence this morning, Chief Zow’kem has allegedly allied herself with Kiffar’s plentiful obscure, smaller clans, amalgamating into a credible threat. Chief Vara Zow’kem garnered her support by promising fairer representation and resources to the smaller clans.

In an emergency session of congress, senator Varu Vos, senator for Kiffu and Kiffex, requested aid from the Republic senate to resolve the conflict. The senate is currently voting on the issue and is expected to reach an answer in the coming days.