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366.15 // Dantooine Votes to Secede!

Breaking News!

After much heated back and forth between debaters and voters, the planet of Dantooine and indeed, the Raioballo sector in its entirety, have voted to secede from the New Republic and join the Fel Empire.

While the new High Moff for the sector has yet to be appointed, reports indicate that there is a shortlist of candidates and we can expect a result soon. Needless to say the result of the vote has a handful of Senators on Coruscant concerned, with a number wondering just how many outlying sectors will vote to join the Imperial government; a government that has seen steady growth and recovery since the end of the war with the Sith Imperium.

In related news, fighting has apparently broken out across the Empire’s eastern territories with detachments of the Imperial military engaged in battles across the Morshdine, Meram and Corva sectors. Imperial officials have remained tight lipped as to the nature of the fighting, claiming that it is merely ‘local trouble’. The Republic fleet remains on high alert, apparently having deployed to defend a number of worlds along the neighboring Hydian Way.

More news as it comes…