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363.05 // Daminia – The Mid Rim’s Shameful Secret

Whilst the Mid Rim boasts the Galactic powerhouses that are Naboo, Bothawui, Ithor, Kashkyyk and Trandosha, this article wants to take a look at Daminia, otherwise known as the Mid Rim’s shameful secret.

Over the last couple of years, Daminia has looked more and more like an Outer Rim planet as civil unrest, unemployment, and poverty has not only increased, but thrived. Holonet News asks how this once independent and stable planet has been reduced to anarchy?

352 ABY – Veteran elected Leading Official Urab Pixif is killed after an attack on his private residence, plunging the planet into an unplanned snap election.

353 ABY – An election held during a period of sustained attacks, responsible party unknown, highlights how clueless and divided the planet is on how to deal with a growing death toll. No clear majority for a new Leading Official leads to another election.

354 ABY – Another failed election.

355 ABY – Another failed election.

356 ABY – Banigah Ickerto is elected Leading Official with a slim majority and weak mandate. A group known as The Fall Winds seize the opportunity to claim Daminia’s main export, Daminia Glass, for themselves. The versatile reinforced glass is made from the sand of the Glass Dunes on Daminia.

357 ABY – The Government declare The Fall Winds a terror group and attempt to reclaim the Glass Dunes from them through force. The Fall Winds respond in kind, unleashing a chemical attack on a series of small settlements and threatening larger attacks should the pressure from the Government continue.

358 ABY – The Government backs down, surrendering the Glass Dunes to The Fall Winds.

359 ABY – Without the income generated from the Glass Dunes, the government struggles to maintain public services and cope with increasing planetary debt.

360 ABY – Last ditch attempt to take the Glass Dunes from the Government fails spectacularly. A state of emergency is declared as The Fall Winds retaliate with a chemical attack against several settlements, including the capital city.

361 ABY to Present Day – The Government becomes increasingly less influential and society struggles to cope. Neighboring planets are reluctant to help due to fear of The Fall Winds.

Over a relatively short period of 9 years, the planet of Daminia has fallen from a small but stable exporter planet to a name that brings a frown to the faces of Mid Rim senators.

Whilst the future of Daminia doesn’t look hopeful it serves as a chilling reminder that desolation could only be around the corner.