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363.09 // Terrorist Attack on Du Hutta

Breaking news from Du Hutta as a large explosion occurs at the estate of the Hutt, Lnorsha.

Around roughly 0500 local time, an explosion rocked Jancola province on Du Hutta, at what was known to formally be the estate of Lnorsha the Hutt. The large explosion devastated the main building along with several surrounding support structures. Casualties numbers are still coming in, but figures currently point to around eighty dead, including Lnorsha the Hutt, along with another fifty injuried.

Local investigators have determined that an explosion using large amounts of thermite and baradium, the main components of devices such as thermal detonators, was responsible for the destruction. No organizations or individuals have came forward to take responsibility for the attack.

A Republic spokesman released this statement following the explosion.

“The devastating attack that hit the planet of Du Hutta this morning, our hearts go out to those who lost family members with this tragedy. The Republic will do all they can in assisting the local authorities in finding those responsible.”


Lnorsha the Hutt was a low-ranking member of the Hutt families, and was recently thought to be under investigation from GRID officials for people trafficking.

We will keep you updated as more details come to light on this terrible story.