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361.03 // Jedi Order announces Grand Master and additional High Councilors


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Today the High Council of the Jedi Order announced the addition of seven High Councilors and selected one to be Grand Master – Jedi Master Don’roq (Whiphid) of Ossus, completing the Council with thirteen members. The High Council met in its entirety at the Ossus Temple for the first time this morning and shared the event publically through this photograph.

The appointments are as follows:

Jedi Master and Grand Master Don’roq of Ossus (Whiphid)

Jedi Master Adiba Bukhar of Ossus (Mirilian)

Jedi Master Kotoo Xal of Ossus (Rodian)

Jedi Master Mira-tan Quinn of Ossus (Human)

Jedi Master Alexander Rendar of Dantooine (Human)

Jedi Master Kaero Pell of Ilum (Nautolan)

Jedi Master Vidra Stomi of Ilum (Kel Dor)

Master Don’roq released a short statement upon his Grand Master appointment.

I am honored to be granted the prestigious role of Grand Master. I want to assure the people of the Galaxy that the High Council and Jedi Order will continue to protect the Galaxy’s inhabitants and serve the will of the Force. May the Force be with you.

It is safe to say the Order has come a long way since the Great Plague and the Imperium War that followed.