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360.16 // Tragedy in Felaeon Estate, Riane


The small town of Riane was shook yesterday afternoon following the scenes of devastation at Felaeon Estate. Reports indicate that notable landowner and philanthropist Kesyk Felaeon, along with several of his employees, died in an attack by local wildlife.

Mr Felaeon’s son, Cran Felaeon, was arrested for suspicion of manslaughter shortly after the attack. Mr Feleon’s daughter, Carmiya Felaeon, also survived the attack and was taken in for questioning by enforcers.

Already, memorials and messages have been pouring in from around the community over Mr Felaeon’s death. Work on his latest project, the reconstruction of the old market on the outskirts of Riane, will temporarily halt. The date for a ceremonial service for those who died in the attack will be announced in the coming days.