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361.19 // The Empire Grows

In latest news, the systems of Ventooine, Thalassia and Tangrene all announced in a combined statement their intention to formally join the Fel Empire.

With pirate activity sharply on the rise in the Northern Territories since the end of the devastating war with the Sith Imperium, many worlds have expressed a growing desire to join the Imperial regime. The Republic military has been slow to recover from the war with patrols and policing activities all but non-existent in many Outer Rim sectors. With this in mind, many system across the galactic North are leaning towards the Empire, hoping their aggressive military expansion can protect their shipping and secure their trade lanes.

Needless to say the Empress’ aggressive expansion of the Imperial war machine, despite the defeat of the Sith, has many Republic military commanders and Senators on edge, causing tensions between the two governments. The Mandalorians have been oddly silent on the build-up, as well as this latest announcement.

More to follow soon..