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360.02 // Reported Expansion of Imperial Military


This last year has seen the rapid expansion of the Imperial military, both in terms of naval and ground forces. Imperial troop numbers have swelled and their shipyards have, reportedly, been producing a constant stream of new naval vessels for the past several months.

While sources inside the Republic military and naval intelligence have been unable to comment as to why this buildup is occurring, the official statement given by Imperial Grand Admiral Karala is that the buildup is to both combat the enormous upsurge in piracy the Outer Rim has experienced since the end of the war and also to restore security and order to many of the Empires worlds.

In related news, the worlds Tangrene, Serenno and Vantooine are the latest worlds to experience a rise in pro-Imperial sentiment with many beginning to claim their worlds should join the Imperial government.

More to follow soon..