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359.20 // Rise of Pro-Imperial Sentiment Along Galactic North


Following the conclusion of the devastating war with the Sith Imperium and the slow recovery of the Republic economy, several worlds in the galactic North have recently experienced an upsurge in pro-Imperial sentiment. Worlds such as Gravlex Med, Sernpidal, Telos and even the rural farming world of Dantooine (a world long known to house a Jedi enclave) have all shown a rise in Imperial favour, with increasing numbers outright claiming they should join the Imperial government.

Such attitudes are not unheard of. Similar waves of pro-Imperial support and sympathy appeared on a number of worlds in the Northern territories following the close of the “Attrition Wars” decades ago. Such sentiment at the time was due to lack of relief and support from the Senate on Coruscant and a sharp rise in local piracy in the regions; piracy that the Galactic Alliance at the time was ill equipped to counter.

Should this sense of pro-Imperial support continue to rise in the galactic North, what will this mean for relations between the Republic Senate and the Imperial Monarchy? Will this create a sudden sense of tension between what have been until now determined allies?

More to follow soon.