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359.13 // Sting Operation Leaves Many Injured, Several Dead


Due to recent events taking place outside a popular upper level bar on Coruscant, the Galactic Republic Intelligence Agency has released the following statement:

On the behalf of G.R.I.D, we’d deeply like to apologise to any individuals, families, or businesses that were affected by the events earlier this morning. We realise that the situation erupted quite suddenly and because of such, it gave citizens around the area no warning or time to step away from the area. Those who witnessed the events unfold or were somehow otherwise affected by the happenings will be directly compensated by the Republic. We’d also like to recognise those who helped in the operation, specifically those who gave their lives to end such a terrible cause.

Another statement released later in the day stated that G.R.I.D. was being assisted by two Jedi Knights, Balek Toraz and Jao Ryn. It has been stated that the pair, alongside G.R.I.D. agent Lorat Moliffe, went undercover for many years to attempt to get an upper hand.

The mysterious, nameless gang was known by a select few for their illegal trade of lightsaber crystals; a rare and expensive treasure. A confession by one of the perpetrators spoke about the gang’s work to weaponize the gems for even deadlier and more destructive blasters. All designs and prototypes have been seized by the Republic. It is unknown at the moment if the gang had made any successful weapons.

With the information gather by Toraz, Ryn, and Moliffe, the G.R.I.D. was able to launch a successful operation to detain all members. In the fire fight, 12 civilians were injured. All are in stable condition and will be released back to their families when statements are fully received. Sadly, during the fire fight Jedi Knight Ryn and Agent Lorat Moliffe lost their lives. The Republic thanks them for their service and sacrifice. Republic spokespeople will release a follow up statement with more information at a later date.