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358.30 // The Jedi Order Announces New High Councilors


Since the Imperium Wars, the Jedi Order’s High Council has only comprised of a handful of members, largely based at the Rannon branch. However, today the High Council traveled to the Ossus temple for a public ceremony that would see three additional high councillors announced. The announcement means that the Order’s leadership has doubled in size and now includes representatives for each of the four branches of the Order, including Rannon, Ossus, Ilum and Dantooine.

Commentators interested in the Jedi Order have speculated for a long time when the High Council would expand its numbers and which experienced Jedi would accept the positions. Now we finally know.

Among the new councilors is Jedi Master Leo Undrul from Dantooine, Jedi Master Tai Oro from Ilum and Jedi Master Yanna from Ossus. The new members of the High Council will continue to serve alongside the current leadership, all of whom presently reside at the Rannon Praxeum and includes Jedi Master Amalia Feyn, Jedi Master Cael Dan’kor and Jedi Master Wrennin Vae.

Today marks a significant step forward for those fighting to rebuild the Jedi Order since the war.