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358.28 // Xycal Corp recovering stock plummets as CEO steps down.


Galactic energy powerhouse Xycal Corp was thrown into disarray earlier today when it was announced that CEO Consu Xycal would step down with immediate effect.

Whilst there isn’t any official comment from Xycal Corp or Mr Xycal, it is reported that a disagreement between the CEO and the Board of Directors over the company’s attitude on corporate social responsibility towards the planets they’re based on led to a breakdown in communication.

As a result, it was yet more bad news for Xycal Corp shareholders. When the Galactic Stock Exchange opened on Coruscant this morning, Xycal Corp’s stock dropped by 12%, wiping out a cycle’s worth of solid recovery after being cleared by the Senate around its waste management.

Whilst it is expected that one of Mr Xycal’s older siblings will step into the role, there is no doubt that Mr Xycal will be a difficult figure to replace. Intensely popular with his employees, he is the only Xycal in generations to have personally visited every site owned by Xycal Corp.

His last act as CEO was to sign over the controversial Seritif Point power plant to the city for a single credit, allowing the plant to be investigated further or even potentially shut down.

Xycal Corp will recover in time; the energy titan simply too large for a single person to affect it for too long. As for Mr Xycal, he surely won’t be short of job offers.