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356.19 // The Jedi Tournament

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Members of the Jedi Order,

The High Council and resedential Councils are pleased to announce the creation of a tournament. A tournament of which every branch of the Jedi Order will partake. Head of Departments from the medical, ace, lightsaber, Force, and diplomacy will submit their best students to represent their Temple, Praxeum, or Enclave. While the nature of a tournament is competitive, it is the High Council’s initiative to establish needed community and communication between the branches of the Jedi Order.

I, Cael Dan’kor, will administer the tournament alongside Jedi, not necessarily Councilors, from far and wide. I will need their help and your eagerness and excitement to make this tournament possible! To begin, Head of Departments from the medical, ace, Force, and diplomacy must submit one champion for their department by 356.25 ABY, while I ask the lightsaber department to submit ‘three’ students. There will be challenges specific and unique for each department, so be sure to pick a student who can represent your Temple well in the particular fields. Points accumulated from each department round will determine which Jedi facility is the victor.

My hope is to get this tournament started by the end of this year or early next year, so let’s get a move on, comrades! There are a lot of planets involved, so we don’t want to push our luck with keeping them waiting.

Information regarding the challenges will be revealed as the dates manifest. The first challenge, I can say, will be for the lightsaber department. Get your students ready, Masters!

Jedi Master Cael Dan’kor
High Councilor of the Jedi Order