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356.15 // Protectors or Agitators?


What many are calling a banquet of deplorable actions, tensions seemingly continue to elevate. In light of the Orinda massacre, Queen Morin had held a banquet for high levels of society from the Republic, Empire, as well as other various systems. What had begun as simple political talks and enjoying a fine night of dinning, turned into an evening of berating remarks and scandal as the once diplomatic event turned into a set of aggressive festivities.

Several eyewitnesses testify to the pair of Imperial Knights that had attended the event, to having, quote: “lifted a Chiss man, choking the life out of him” end quote. Despite the orders to stop from Queen Morin, her guards, as well as the pleas of the crowd and even a Jedi Knight who had come as a representative to the Order with a group of students, the pair of Knights did not cease their actions. Both had ignited their silver blades.

Witnesses say that weapons were drawn and that after negotiations with the Imperial Knights had failed, the Jedi Knight had supposedly forced the Chiss out of the Knight’s grip, the Chiss man was promptly escorted to safety. The situation continued to escalate to the point that the Crown Prince, Rey’zon Morin, charged the Knights after refusing leave. The Prince Rey’zon lost his right hand in the scuffle. The Imperial Knights were then set upon, being allowed to escape from the scene.

No comment was given from the Empire or Empress Fel, although speculation of the guests is that the pair had been provoking arguments throughout the night and that they seemed to want to cause an engagement. All of these events being put into check can lead to a question on the minds of many Orinda citizens – with soured relations with both the Republic and now the Empire, where will Orinda turn? Rumors have leaked out that Orinda plans to call a council of reconciliation, where parties may state their stance and claim.

Regardless of these events, one thing is assured – Orinda Public Broadcasting, station 817, will continue to monitor and report news on the events, and wishes all viewers and listeners a pleasant day.