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357.26 // Mandalore Reaches Agreement with New Republic


In a classified meeting on the Star Destroyer, Wedge Antilles, New Republic leaders met with a Mandalorian envoy to negotiate a new peace treaty.

The meeting occurred in the early morning over Coruscant several days ago. GHN sources inform us that Mandalore, along with two chieftans of Mandalorian clans, docked with the Wedge Antilles and met with New Republic Chief of State, Ryate Burchi, and Senate chairwoman Arawon Kodd.

While the topics are still classified, inside sources tell us that the Mandalorians have agreed to provide personnel and support to relief missions outside their space, in exchange for food and supplies to rebuild their own territories. Arawon Kodd, Senator from Ryloth, is chairwoman of the Senate Relief Committee, and was supposedly essentially to the agreed upon terms.

Mandalorian space was devastated by the embargos placed on them following their surrender during the Attrition Wars, with much of their land and resources being unable to produce because of the lack of trade. Imperium skirmish parties made several attempts into Mandalorian space but were defeated and pushed out by a new army of Mandalorian Protectors.

While talks of a new wave of Mandalorians spreading through the Galaxy are rumored, an alliance between Mandalorians and the New Republic hasn’t been in practice since before the Commonwealth Secessionary Wars.

We will keep you updated as more details of this peace treaty come to light.