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353.16 // New Mandalore Chosen


In a rather heated battle, Asdral Gev has been chosen as Mandalore, defeating the previous, Zarus Jendri, in one on one combat.

In a summit on the capital city of Sundari, Mandalore, Asdral Gev had challenged Zarus Jendri’s leadership, stating that Jendri has ineptly lead the Mandalorians since the end of their involvement in the Attrition Wars. The challenge, one deeply rooted in Mandalorian culture, ended with Jendri’s defeat in armed combat and Gev being established as the new Mandalore.

Jendri’s policy of isolationism is thought to have been the main reason for Gev’s challenge, the Mandalorians staying relatively within their own territory since the end of the Attrition Wars. Contacts on the planet believe that Asdral Gev wishes to expand the Mandalorians status within the Galaxy, creating stronger ties with the other galactic governments.

New Republic representatives have released statements that ambassadors from Mandalore are expected to arrive on Coruscant soon, with expectations that the Mandalorians wish to expand trade routes through their systems, to help ease off the issue of poverty that has plagued Mandalorian space since the end of the war.

Asdral, former chieftain of the Fett clan, has been dubbed Mandalore the Rebuilder by the other clan chieftains.