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353.24 // Imperium agents in the Republic?


Only three years after the Imperium War comes to a close, details have emerged that former agents of the Imperium are believed to be working for the Republic.

According to several declassified reports received from GRID, the Republic’s intelligence division has recruited several officers and scientists into their division. According to the reports, this recruitment started shortly after the fall of the Sith on Coruscant.

A spokesperson for GRID made the following statement to the GHN surrounding the matter:

Reports that there are members of the former Imperium working for the Republic are correct. We invited several scientists and officers to GRID Republic, in order to develop new defences in case of another Sith incursion, including the plague.

While we were enemies a short time ago, their disassociation from the Sith gave us the opportunity to let them prove their worth to the Galaxy at large, by aiding the Republic and her allies.

The start of this relationship signifies the end of official hostilities between the Imperium Loyalists and the Republic.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.