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352.07 // The Traitorous Imperial Lord

Imperial lord Tiberius Perator was recently apprehended by Jedi and Imperial forces on Mygeeto’s smallest moon. Lord Perator aided in the assassination of the former Emperor and served the Imperium military intellectually and financially in galactic conquest. Empress Fel moved her military against the Imperial lord and forced his leave from Mygeeto. Perator retreated to his family’s palace, turned fortress on the Mygeeto moon. Empress Fel then commenced a year long siege on Lord Perator’s ice bunker.

Unexpectedly Empress Fel’s military was met with Imperium loyalists and soldiers who assisted Tiberius Perator’s escape and continued protection of the rogue lord. The fortress was near impenetrable and had the provisions to sustain the facility for years. However, Lord Perator preemptively requested to treat with Jedi Master Cael Dan’kor, the murderer of the “One Sith’s” Dark Lord.  

High Councilor Dan’kor accepted to negotiate with Lord Perator on the Empress’ behalf. The Jedi Master brought along several other Jedi as well. Jedi Knight Wrennin Vae, best known for his speech during the Great Plague; Jedi Knight Dithaal, Battlemaster of the Rannon Praxeum; Padawan(s) Karmarie Zar, Voh Phaar, Vathius Krai, and Kro’jan Touru. Little is known of what happened, but the trip resulted in Lord Perator and his son, Vexus Perator’s, capture.

Not long ago Tiberius Perator was placed before Empress Bellitrial Fel on Bastion by Cael Dan’kor. Empress Fel within the Imperial palace, before her court, stripped Tiberius of his lands, titles, and holdings, and sentenced him to death, for his treachery and lack of cooperativeness with the Jedi. His son, Vexus, was turned over to Cael Dan’kor by the Jedi’s request. There are no public statements from the Empress or Jedi Order at this time.