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351.30 // Zanta-P Medical Station opens in Corsin system


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In an attempt to ease bureaucratic and logistic blockages between Republic, Imperial and new Hynah Directive territories, a state of the art medical station officially opened today. Located in the Corsin system, the multitrillion Zanta-P station has unparalleled facilities, with over ten thousand permanent staff on board.

In the inaugural statement, Zanta-P spokesperson Varlo Kinall stated that:

“What the Imperium gained in senseless terror, we hope to undo with altruism. In accordance with the oaths we take as medical professionals, we aim to aid all citizens that come to us for help, regardless of where they reside.”

The Zanta-P station is also home to up to one thousand medical students and researchers from faculties across the galaxy, with a two year waiting list for places.