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352.12 // Cooperative Government of Rannon appoints new Senator


It’s not often a politician dies from old age whilst still in office, but it is an undeniable testament to the dedication, conviction and stability that Oro Eewman brought to his role as Senator of Rannon.

His death at the age of 86, after over 35 years as Rannon’s voice in the senate, comes as no real surprise. In fact, his replacement, Tinales Jenkitt, 33, was selected unanimously by the councilors of the The Cooperative Government of Rannon several years ago, and had been shadowing Oro in his final years in order to ensure a smooth transition when the time came.

After she was officially appointed as the Senator of Rannon today, Senator Jenkitt had this to say.

“My first address as the Senator of Rannon was always going to be a bittersweet day. Last night, I was present at the death of a dear friend, renowned politician, and inspirational leader. If I began to list what Oro Eewman did for this planet I would be stood here for many cycles to come. However, what I will say about Senator Eewman is simple, never has anyone embodied the spirit of Rannon and its people as much as he did. When he fought in the senate, he did so for every man, women and child that calls this great planet home.

I am all too aware that I have been tasked by the Cooperative Government of Rannon to replace the truly irreplaceable. To those who may doubt my age and my experience, I will only ask one thing of you, please do not doubt my passion.

Oro often lamented about how he wished to visit the people he represented more often, as he had done when he was first elected and it is in his wish, where I will begin my journey. I aim to visit every city, settlement and outpost, from the north to south, from east to west and the deepest valleys to the tallest mountains.

I represent Rannon. I represent Oro and I represent you.

Thank you.”