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350.26 // Sting Operation on Kijinx; Corellia in Mourning


In a sudden turn of events, G.R.I.D has announced that they led a coalition of Republic Navy forces, as well as local security and law enforcement forces, in a sting operation on the now infamous Kijinx. This is resounding news to the people of Corellia as G.R.I.D announces that they have struck a major blow to the only known base of operations to the extremist group. They report that their success is due to “astounding teamwork and professional skill”, as well as insider information thanks to a citizen informant reporting suspicious operations being carried out from the undisclosed location.

G.R.I.D has announced that during the sting operation they were able to seize a number of files from Kijinx as they were superiorly outmatched in number, skill and strategy. No members of the group gave themselves up peacefully, leaving no living prisoners for either G.R.I.D or local law enforcement to interrogate.

However, this comes at a cost as it has been reported that Senator Huein has been lost in the aftermath. His corpse was found several meters away from the initial shootout scene, with two blaster shots to the torso. It is suspected that the remaining Kijinx members realized their inevitable fate and shot their political prisoner as a final statement to all of Corellia.

G.R.I.D has now departed Corellia, leaving but a few agents behind to help wrap up the aftermath, though the majority of such will be left to local law enforcement. While the action has subsided, it should be starting up again soon. Positions for senator of Corellia to represent the planet in the Galactic Senate has opened and there are already several applications, one of our reporters has stated.