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350.31 // New information uncovered about Huein assassination


Just a few cycles after the death of Senator Huein, new evidence has come to light, suggesting that the incident with extremist group Kijinx was more than a simple kidnapping and hostage situation.

The brother of recently named Kijinx member Yulin Carren, Alisha Carrin, turned a datapad recovered from Yulin’s former place of residence over to local law enforcement. The evidence on the device suggests that Yulin and Senator Huein knew each other before the kidnapping event. They had been friends for a long period of time, meeting at one of Huein’s conferences where Yulin was an aide.

From there they devised a plot in order to make a bounty of credits, insinuating that Senator Huein was not the man that Corellia believed him to be. Instead, Huein used his position as a tool of misjustice and personal gain for years. The final ‘heist’ was to have Huein pose as a captive of Kijinx, while Yulin led the operation of extortion of the authorities on Corellia.

It has been confirmed that none of the Kijinx members aside from Yulin himself were in on the deal that he and Huein struck. Speculations suggests that the other members genuinely believed in the extreme resistance and revolutionary movement. Due to the unnatural circumstances of this case, Alisha has decided to donate all former possessions of Yulin to a local charity in order to help repay the travesty that his brother had made.

Elections will soon be held to elect a new senator in place of Huein, may they represent Corellia far better than Huein ever did.