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350.22 // Coruscant Liberated!

The Chief of State, earlier today, announced the Sith threat neutralized at a terrible cost. Medical personnel work to remedy the injured, and the relief effort is well underway. The Dark Side nexus perished, following the Dark Lord’s defeat at the hands of the Jedi. However, the area grew to be unlivable and toxic, several hours after the Dark Side anomaly halted.

Despite victory, it cost many a life to succeed. Jedi Master Alehk Thol, long standing member of the High Council, died honorably in the mission to destroy the Sith, among seven other Jedi (Jouren Arthos, Kytana Devin, Erek Ordona, Rhyssa Ya’qul, Taska Volsh, Andyr Proga, and Odala Yoan). In addition, 313 Republic servicemen and women were killed. And worst yet, an estimated amount of 456,000+ civilians, men, women, and children were destroyed by the Dark Side nexus, and many are still missing. Cael Dan’kor, Jedi Master and sole surviving Jedi from the mission, had nothing to comment.

There is to be a pyre burning, per Jedi tradition, to honor the respective Jedi. As for the Republic military men and women, including the deceased citizens of Coruscant, a ceremony will commence, hosted by the Chief of State, later this cycle.

While the evacuation has discontinued, the Coruscant Temple and its surrounding sectors, ruined and destroyed, remains as an unsettling reminder of the Sith’s atrocities. War trials are to start, adjudicated by the Republic and New Empire, with members of the Jedi Order as mediators, in the next two cycles, and will probably end late next year.