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351.04 // Belovia on brink of Ice Age


What scientists have been speculating for centuries may finally be coming true on the planet of Belovia, Expansion Region. Whilst the climate and topography has been changing for a significant number of years, new research from a variety of different stations indicates that Belovia is on the tipping point of entering an Ice Age.

Although the Belovians and the permanently established offworld citizens have been dealing with below freezing temperatures for generations, an Ice Age would render the planet near uninhabitable, as thick ice sheets spread across the terrain and many bodies of water.

With the news, many communities are making the tough decision to relocate to the equator or leave Belovia entirely. In a session earlier this cycle, the Senate agreed to send Republic military personnel and specialists to Belovia to assist the local populations, as well as conduct further research.

As of yet, scientific reports cannot agree on how long the Ice Age would last, or even what impact it would leave.