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350.18 // Eerie Demands From Corellian Terrorist Group


News reports have been flooding in from infield reporters and correspondents as it is revealed that Corellian security forces have received mysterious threats from a terrorist group. The self-proclaimed group of extremist Corellian activists have named themselves as Kijinx and claim that they want to put an end to government corruption. They have revealed themselves as the perpetrators of the infamous kidnapping of Senator Huein, the seven armed men a part of their organization.

Threats have since come pouring in from this terrorist group, demanding two things: lesser politically important hostages, such as representatives of Corellia, as well as a large bounty of credits so they can, as they put it, “continue to further root out government corruption such as Senator Huein”. The group has made no further proclamations except for stating that they will not be releasing Senator Huein in the near future, if at all. Their base of operations is unknown, although it has now been confirmed by local security forces that G.R.I.D. will now be called in for reconnaissance.

Though it is ultimately unknown exactly how Kijinx will respond to higher authorities involving themselves in this dispute on Corellia, they have spoken that if should any outsider so choose to put themselves in the path and attempt to deter Kijinx, then they will show no mercy. Reports indicate that whilst it is clear that this group has some following, it is an isolated cell and not a part of a larger whole, acting independently. It is for this reason that local security forces and law enforcement has encouraged the people of Corellia to speak out against Kijinx and to come forward with any knowledge that may aid in the return of Senator Huein.