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350.21 // BREAKING NEWS: Coruscant Under Siege

This just in, the abandoned Jedi temple on Coruscant has been occupied by the ‘One Sith’! Shortly after the Imperium’s defeat on Bastion a little over a year ago, the Sith separated from the fascist regime, ending their coalition with the Imperium and instead retreating into exile. The Jedi Order, New Empire, and Republic were unsuccessful in locating the Dark Lord of the Sith and his followers, until now.

Forty five minutes ago, Sith acolytes were spotted guarding the Temple’s walls. The Republic mobilized a reasonable number of its forces to surround the former Jedi temple, now Sith stronghold, immediately after reports came in.

The Chief of State has declared a state of emergency. We now cross to our live report for more on the unfolding situation.

“Good evening viewers, I’m Lexa Van-Hookren. As I speak, Republic soldiers are evacuating civilians from sectors near the historic Jedi facility. I now go to Tei Alorrum, who is at the scene. What does it look like, Tei?”

“It’s pretty tense down here, Lexa. It appears the Republic has vehicles of war surrounding the Jedi Temple both in the air and on the ground! They very recently asked the Sith to lay down their arms and surrender, but the Force zealots have yet to comply. A lot of the civilians I’ve seen are in a state of panic. The military has been less than courteous towards people’s feelings.”

“A great chunk of our military is in Imperial space, helping Empress Fel restore order to her territory. Is that noticeable now, Tei?

“I would say so, Lexa. The military is strained on soldiers. Everyone is on edge, and it isn’t a pretty sight. Any assistance from the Jedi?”

“We just got news here at the studio that Jedi who were on Coruscant for business have already proceeded inside, accompanied by a Republic strike team, but none of them have come out yet. The Sith offered no resistance to their entrance. I hope the Jedi can settle this, because their other facilities are rotations away.”

“Well, she should… O-oh my god! OH MY GOD!”

“Tei, what’s happening, Tei?!”

“A-… f-*chh* flash of light came f-from the Temple, and the military forces and area surrounding the Temple evaporated. One of the towers on the temple was completely eradicated, as well!”

“I’m s-sorry? Did you say EVAPORATED?”

“There’s a… d-dark field of… energy, it seems, creeping into the surrounding city… v-very-… very slowly. It’s… d-destroying everything in its path! I-it’s not stopping! There are tremendous sounds of starfighters flying overhead at attack speed, The Republic Navy is approaching t-!… O-oh my god, their ships were destroyed, once they entered the dom-… *Static*.”

“Tei, Tei?! I-..I’m receiving word from our scholarly commentators that the dome could be best d-described as a Dark Side Force nexus of sorts! This is in reference to both contemporary and traditional texts. We cross live to academics from the academy who may know more on this anomaly and how-…*Static*…a-*Static-.. -osing… signal to the networ-..*Static*.”

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