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350.12 // Corellian Senator Taken Hostage


Breaking news from Corellia earlier today: we have just received reports that the senator representing Corellia in the Galactic Senate, Wayne Huein, has been kidnapped in the middle of a press conference. The senator’s personal security and staff are cooperating with local law enforcement in order to deduce the undoubtedly sinister nature of this kidnapping.

Inside sources managed to leak the security footage from the scene, though the original file has been since deleted. The holorecording showed seven armed men infiltrating the compound where the conference was being held, disabling various security systems and incapacitating the checkpoint guards, before finally entering the main room of the press conference. It is at this point that one of the armed men shot the camera in the room, causing all visuals and audio to be lost.

Even as the investigations progress, people are raising further security concerns and asking how these men easily bypassed cameras and security guards and seemed to know the layout of the compound in depth. It is suspected that G.R.I.D may be called in although nothing has been confirmed yet.

The aftermath of this daring heist has not only left behind three corpses of security guards, but a bitter and sour taste in the mouths of the people as the real question is posed: Who are these people? Exactly why have they kidnapped the well respected and beloved senator Huein? And what is their next move? All of these questions can only be answered with time, even more arising. Whatever does transpire, know that we here at Corellian Channel 1 News will keep you informed.