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349.01 // Sith Leader Captured by Jedi Order


News just in that a high ranking Lord of the One Sith has been captured and is on route to Coruscant for processing. This is the first we’ve heard of Sith activity since the defeat of the Imperium on Bastion, which resulted in the One Sith’s exile and the end of their coalition with the Imperium.

The Sith has been identified by the Jedi as “The Voice of the Sith”, the last high ranking Sith to survive the war besides the Dark Lord himself, and is already set to face trial with the other captives from the Imperium War currently in Republic detention.

However, these war criminals will not be trialed by the Republic High Court. Instead, a new court has been established co-operatively between the Senate of the Republic and the Galactic Empire’s justice committee. This great sign of solidarity shows great diplomatic progress between the newly established Galactic Empire and the Republic, showing that this war has brought these once rival factions together to see the One Sith and Imperium brought to justice.