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348.22 // Coruscanti Boxing: Suissac Beats Yalc


Last night saw the long anticipated fight between two living titans of force, Suissac and Yalc. The Jalrin recreation center was absolutely packed not more than two cycles ago as these two devastating opponents of the world of professional Coruscanti boxing duked it out.

It turned out that Suissac could back up his words against Yalc as he won soundly in an astounding five rounds by knockout. The bout was similar to their first encounter twenty-two years ago, when Suissac once again took the title from Yalc.

As nostalgic as it must have been for Suissac, some people speculate that such a sound victory would only be possible if Yalc threw the fight. One popular theory is Yalc was asked by underworld Coruscanti mobsters to rig the fight to rake in millions of credits.

Profits were high for this match, as most long anticipated matches are. Fans of both Suissac and Yalc were brawling long before the match actually took place and many continued once the result was announced. Reports indicates that at least eleven members of the crowd were escorted out of the center.

Suissac will meet with rising star Jkall next cycle to defend his championship belt.