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348.15 // Treacherous Arma Corporation?

The Republic’s legal branch makes a move to prosecute Arma Corporation. The Arma corporation, notably, creates cases for blaster rifles and clips. Arma, allegedly, made dealings with the “Sith Imperium” during the pinnacle years of the Imperium War. Arma’s been accused of treacherous war crimes in the past, but the Republic had no ground to stand on, because prior search warrants resulted in no evidence. On the planet of Sullust, their factory has been shut down for further investigation; in addition, their monetary assets are frozen.

Our source tells us G.R.I.D, Galactic Republic Intelligence Division, played a covert part in gathering evidence for an arrest warrant. The lead Republic prosecutor, Amura Shalstein, stated earlier today:

“G.R.I.D had no part in the recovery of evidence. It was gathered upon constant review of past information. There are logs of conversations and transcripts of business with the Sith Imperium. Nonetheless, if they did, the evidence would be protected under the “Patriot Act”. Were Arma defending their case by that angle would be a useless gesture. Do not not forget they are traitors, and the Republic government will exhaust every asset to ensure a fair, just verdict is made. Thank you.”

In response Arma’s lead defense attorney, Rhey Grok, had this to say:

“G.R.I.D had every part in the recovery of evidence! On 348.14 ABY, we received a report several of our employees were incapacitated and left in a crate. In addition, our camera feeds on that day were wiped clean. I will say, on record, my clients are no traitors to the Republic and New Imperial union. Arma has supplied the Republic with an abundance of supplies throughout the war, and allegations the patriotic Arma corporation is working with the sinister Sith Imperium are false! In our defense case, we will swiftly be able to prove that G.R.I.D was there at our facility, with no warrant, and in fact planted evidence to guarantee ProditCorp, a company whose lobbyists flood our capital, would come out on top!”

ProditCorp nor G.R.I.D has responded. The trial is dated to start 348.21 ABY. We will release information as this story develops.