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348.11 // Multi-trillion credit conglomerate looks to establish Wegsphere franchise


You may not realize it, but Coruscant based conglomerate Tellsu Industries has a larger role in your life than you probably know. From the fuel you put in your speeder, the cereal you eat in the morning or the suncream you slather yourself in when visiting the hotter reaches of the galaxy, Tellsu Industries might soon own them all.

The parent company of many well known household brands has often shied away from media attention, instead preferring to keep focus on its many subsidiaries.

However, GTH can exclusively reveal that Tellsu Industries are currently looking to establish or purchase a Wegsphere team franchise to represent the company. Senior Tellsu Directors, including CEO Erbata Rive, have been spotted traveling and inspecting planets across the outer rim without a major Wegsphere team. Some skeptics believe it is a move to limit the amount of tax the company pay.

A close inside source told us that the short list of potential planets includes Lok, Roon and preferred planet Rodia, although they’ve not written off Drexel, Rannon or Naos.

Regardless of what you think, current Wegsphere champions The Kashyyyk Timberwookies have something to think on. A team with the resources and financial backing of Tellsu Industries might finally be a match for the longstanding champions.