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348.06 // Reactor Meltdown Causes Ecosystem Damage

An Imperium occupied outpost on Dubrillion appears to have had a reactor meltdown. The exact cause is unknown, but it was believed to be attributed to faulty equipment leading to several power surges. An emergency shutdown was attempted, but it seemed to pump tibanna into the fire as the saying goes, as it triggered another fatal power surge. The primary reactor conduit blew, spreading radioactive material into the atmosphere, and irradiating the planet’s oceans, as well as destroying the facility.

Experts are not yet sure how exactly this will affect life on Dubrillion, but considering it is mostly a water-planet with heavy rain, irradiated material is expected to spread quickly. It is unknown whether the Imperium will decide to provide an environmental relief effort in the near future, as well as make any changes to the design of their reactors or provide any extra precaution to prevent radiation-induced sicknesses.

This coupled with the Imperium’s recent defeat at the Second Battle of Bastion and now severed ties to the One Sith has no doubt crippled their military infrastructure, but also their morale, and some may say their competence as a significant power. They have yet to make a statement about this event. But we will await one eagerly.