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348.05 // Defeat on Bastion Prompts One Sith and Imperium Split

The victory of the Galactic Empire and the Republic on Bastion has resulted in a split between the Imperium and their One Sith counterparts. The split was supposedly due to the death of yet another high ranking Sith Lord that has shattered the confidence of the Sith-Imperium coalition. The Imperium has issued yet another retreat and are currently struggling to cement their occupation over the neighbouring regions of four planets; Dubrillion, Plooma, Gree and Sernpidal.

Where the remainder of the One Sith has gone? This has not been confirmed. The current theory is the remaining Sith remnant has fled back into the Unknown Regions of space, but no intelligence has been brought forward to confirm this. The location of the notorious Dark Lord of the Sith also remains unknown, which has been the case throughout the entire duration of the war.

For now, Republic officials have rallied behind the effort to finish off the left over Imperium forces, remarking in an official statement that “if the Sith want to hide, let them”. Many atrocities are still being carried out by the Imperium in the small territory they currently occupy, making the “absolute defeat” the primary objective of the Republic and the Galactic Empire alliance. The Empress, who remains on Bastion to oversee the relief effort, has also declared support for ongoing cooperation with the Republic.