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348.03 // Imperial Remnant and Republic Reach Agreement

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Throughout the war, the remnants of the Galactic Empire have been granted asylum in Republic space. Whilst making minor contributions to the war effort, the Empress has negotiated a treaty that would see the territory claimed by the Imperium and then liberated by the Republic officially returned to her Empire. In response, the Empress will commit her surviving fleet of Star Destroyers to a campaign that officials are describing will “finish the Imperium off”.

The Empress is currently on route to the planet Entralla where she will utilize her forces to establish order in her newly reacquired and war torn territory. Whilst there, the Imperial forces will await word from the Republic on when and how the remainder of the Imperium will be vanquished from Northern Space completely, including from the Imperial capital, Bastion, a planet the Galactic Empire’s leader undoubtedly wants to see returned to her the most.