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347.10 // Weapon Factories Prosper


With the ongoing war ripping apart the galaxy, weapon factories are becoming more and more vital- to both sides.

From standard edition blaster rifles to large scale weapons such as ion cannons, many large corporations have admitted a significant rise in profits. In fact, a recent survey of arms factories across Republic space revealed a staggering 39.78% rise in sales since the start of the war.

Owners of the factories of course attribute this rise to the continuing conflicts across the galaxy, though more specifically the large amount of troops being conscripted on all sides. Some skeptical experts claim that the huge rise in profits is not proportional to the levels of conscription into the Republic military forces, citing foul play.

The survey also uncovered a rising number of civilians preferring to drop their current careers to pursue similar productions, investing in weapons, clothing, unrefined resources and medical supplies.