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347.15 // Stolen Relic Recovered


An ancient artifact was recovered yesterday following what investigators called “an incredible stroke of luck”.

The millennia old relic, known simply as the A’vini Pot, was heralded as the best preserved example of its kind and was on display in the Expansion Region History Museum in Gane, Corellia. The artifact was stolen from the museum in 210ABY and curators believed the piece to be lost forever.

However, the A’vini Pot was discovered and later purchased by unsuspecting tourists in Birjis End, Sartoy during their vacation. Upon their return to Corellia, the artifact was recognized and seized by officials.

How this priceless piece of history made its way unscathed to the Outer Rim and back again is baffling curators, but the lucky relic will resume its rightful place in the Museum, with additional security.