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347.04 // The Telosian Council’s Defence Against the Imperium


Today the Telosian military fended off a third invasion attempt by the Imperium. Commentators have described this to be a direct response to the recent announcement of the Telosian Council, the primary governing body of Telos IV, that has vowed to launch a ‘forward defense’ against the advances of the Imperium, committing to liberate neighboring and regional planets of the One Sith’s rule.

The new policy initiative released along with the announcement included plans to support rebellions fighting against the Imperium, with ‘relief’ packages designed to arm rebel groups and the deployment of Telosian land troops to key regions.

As Telos IV is not a part of the Republic, there has been no official request by the Telosian Council for Republic assistance. However, Republic officials today have hinted at plans to lend some form of assistance for Telos’ efforts against their common enemy.