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347.04 // ‘Withheld’ – New Holofim to dramatize lethal plague


It is considered by many that the actions of the Jedi committed a decade ago are still some of the most heinous and unforgivable in the history of the galaxy. Now, the Jedi’s choice to seemingly withhold a cure to the plague, that resulted in the deaths of countless people, is the focal point of director Tospol Picar’s latest holofim.

The celebrated director, known for his unmoderated and sometimes controversial style has come under fire from some critics for focusing on a topic still fresh for so many in the galaxy. However, if history is anything to go by, Picar will push ahead with his project.

The film is still in the scripting phase, but fully expect up-and-coming Togruta superstar Meritut Detta to portray then Jedi Padawan Wrennin Vae, notable for his address to the Senate.

With the Jedi looking to rebuild their strength and credibility within the Galaxy, how will such a film portray them?