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347.25 // Notable Republic Pilot to be Court Martialed


The first hand reports of the chaos that ensued in local businessman Delva Vekarr’s cantina vary from plausible to simply wild. The most popular story is that Republic pilot Hassim Matts, 28, got into an altercation with a local resident named Jaytu Tumanz, 23. Mr. Matts was touching down from the Republic fleet in orbit on what he described was supposed to be his day off. Evidently, things did not go to plan.

Witnesses report seeing Mr. Matts open hand slap Mr. Tumanz, momentarily stunning him as he took the advantage to beat him. The fight continued to steadily rise in aggression as Matts was able to retrieve his vibroknife, reportedly stabbing Tumanz four times before being pulled off by bystanders. Tumanz is currently in critical condition at the local medical establishment, whilst Matts is in the hands of the Republic Military Admiral Aaren Glehtara, rumors sparking that Matts is to be court martialed.

It is unclear as to how or why the fight broke out. According to the official release earlier today, Matts refused to say anything other than something along the lines of ‘The squinty eyed Rodian started it.’ If Tumanz recovers, the charges pressed against Matts will undoubtedly be less severe, though if he dies as a result of his critical injuries, Matts could easily face up to 20 to 25 years in a Republic Military grade prison.