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346.29 // Imperium on Jondora

Ripples have been felt across the Greater Plooriod System in recent days following the revelation of Imperium support and endorsement on Jondora.

At the beginning of the cycle, the Jondoran planetary council voted on the course of action for the planet, settling on remaining within the Republic in a 55-45 split. Local reports indicate raucous outrage from several City Councillors and a few isolated incidents of rioting in the cities of Klio, Ivorin and Doorne following the decision.

Following a standard diplomatic encounter earlier this cycle, the involvement with the Imperium came to light, with evidence of branded supplies and troops in several regions across the planet. Many of the accused Councillors involved immediately stepped down and their positions remain empty.

In a statement today, the Jondoran Council announced that it will decide the matter internally and asks the Republic Senate to not escalate theĀ situationĀ into starting a direct conflict in their territory.