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346.25 // Imperium Retreat From Moltok


The Republic has officially declared the Imperium forces on Moltok defeated after the destruction of one of the Sith’s key military strongholds. While Imperium ships were detected fleeing the system, officials are still counting this as a major blow to the enemy.

The Republic has confirmed all prisoners in the stronghold were evacuated before it was destroyed, revealing that the Imperium base on the planet also acted as a prisoner of war camp. The Republic is currently amid processing all those rescued and returning them to their loved ones or home worlds.

Republic officials have thanked intelligence provided by the Jedi Order for the success of the operation. The intelligence was said to include a full and comprehensive read-out of the stronghold, which proved essential.

The news of this defeat on Moltok comes after a series of retreats made by the Imperium in the Kwymar sector. This shows that the Republic is slowly regaining territory.