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345.07 // Republic Military Budget Exceeds Forecasts

Coruscant Senate Chambers

The current budget for the Republic military and the war effort has far exceeded preliminary forecasts at the beginning of the year. A senate majority voted in favour of a motion today that would allocate savings to the fight against the Imperium in Northern Space in what can only be described as a great sign of solidarity among affiliate members of all different political persuasions.

Chief of State Asujin Tirahimo had the following to say:

Today’s successful vote shows that we can come and work together despite our political differences. We all know the threat the Imperium poses – the importance of victory well exceeds any numbers on the budget papers. Thankfully, due to some generous financial donations to the cause, we don’t need to worry about a budget blowout.

The generous donations the Chief of State referred to was the few the Republic received since the turn of the year. The largest ‘gift’ to the Republic came from the Queen of Axxila who recently re-declared support for the Republic after an extended period of silence on the issue of the war.