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345.01 // Phaeda Commits to Assisting the Republic


Chancellor Allarn Von has announced a new agreement with the Republic military, committing to deploy troops to the front lines. Phaeda’s military will join the Republic in defending key outposts across the warzone in Northern space, which commentators have described as a “significant turning point in the war for certain planets locked in stalemate against the Imperium”.

Phaeda’s Chancellor had this to say when announcing the agreement with the Republic;

“It is quite clear that the Galaxy needs to unify against the Sith. The attempt on my life shows the lengths they will go to for victory and we are in debt to the Jedi Order for their efforts to protect democracy here on Phaeda.”

Polling has indicated attitudes of Republic loyalism have never been higher on Phaeda, after the Imperium attempted to undermine the currently popular Chancellor. All political parties on Phaeda have condemned the Sith and endorsed the Jedi for their role in thwarting the assassination attempt on the Chancellor and for also exposing the corruption of former Deputy Leader Ren-Vay Looi, who was arrested for treason when trying to escape the planet. With evidence of Looi’s association with Imperium personnel piling up, a conviction seems likely at this stage.

It seems the Sith just made a new enemy out of the people on Phaeda.