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345.17 // Edusa Liberated After Successful Operation


This just in; the planet Edusa has officially been liberated from Imperium control, with forces retreating from the region. This has come as a result of a successful operation which saw orbital strikes carried out on several key Imperium outposts, effectively destroying all of their most fortified strongholds on Edusa. The operation left their forces scattered and desperate to flee from the planet.

Commander Wels Conraide, who led the operation, has thanked the Jedi from both Ossus and Rannon, who have been key to the success on Edusa. He also proceeded to thank Republic Scientist Amara Lox, whose work on developing new grade shield generators is said to be the reason for the success of the orbital strikes. Conraide had this to say;

As well as the Jedi, I’d like to thank my personal friend Doctor Amara Lox, whose technology allowed our pilots to resist the firepower of the enemy more effectively and carry out the operation safely. Her creation is what we owe for this victory.

Republic forces remaining on the planet have begun a relief effort to rebuild and fortify the planet. The Sith have officially been pushed back further into Northern Space.